Meade County Economic Development Committee Inc.

Meade County Economic Development Committee, Inc. (MCEDC), was formed in 1987 with the express desire to help stimulate economic growth in Meade County, Kansas. MCEDC serves all of Meade County, including the approximately 4,029 residents. Over the years, the organization has been successful in helping small businesses get started, promoting local businesses, and overseeing the construction of two duplexes in each of the three communities in Meade County: Meade, Plains, and Fowler.

MCEDC has had a substantial impact for Meade County. In addition to helping local businesses start the right way, MCEDC goes out of its way to help save them as much money as possible. MCEDC works with the Department of Commerce, local governments, and other entities to find incentives that apply. We want our local businesses to succeed as it helps our communities grow and prosper. 

MCEDC is constantly looking for new ways to help serve its communities. One of the most recent efforts has been assisting in grant writing to help bring more dollars into its communities. Needs are identified and projects are matched with potential grantors. MCEDC hopes it can bring a lot of positive energy and grant dollars to help address the needs in it's communities.