Meade County Disposal

Friday Meade County Disposal will honor Veteran's Day and have the day off.  Fowler's Friday pickup will be on Thursday 11/10.  All businesses with a Friday pickup will also be picked up on Thursday.
Have a happy Veteran's day!

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Meade County Disposal Truck

Trash Pick Up Schedule

Effective October 1, 2022


Monday - US54 North to Jefferson St ; Fowler St West to Post St

Tuesday - US 54 North to Madison St ; Fowler St. East to Wood Ave.

Wednesday - US 54 South to Walnut St ; Fowler St East to Cay St

Thursday - US 54 South to Race St ; Fowler St West to Thomas St.


Monday - Jayhawk (both sides) South to Hwy 54 ; Ontario East to Maize St.

Wednesday - Wildcat (both sides) North to Hwy 160; Ontario East to Grand St.


Tuesday - Everyone East side of Main St.

Friday - Everyone West side of Main St.

  1. Mike Bucher

    Lanfill, Recycle, HHW Director, Manager Of Utility