The County Clerk's Office plays an important role in the operation of Meade County. It is at times considered the center point of communication and information. The County clerk's office is a vital part of a team keeping things running smoothly. Among the many daily business functions, the County Clerk is also the County Election Officer. The office organizes all the special, primary, and general elections held within the county.

Here is a list of some of the County Clerk's Office's general responsibilities:

  • Check budgets for taxing districts and set tax levies

  • Abstracts of the tax Roll

  • Maintains Intangible tax roll and Sub-roll

  • Transfer of deeds

  • Maintain ownership of tax rolls

  • Mineral reports

  • Budgetary Accounting

  • Payroll

  • Maintain employee record files

  • Assist with Homestead Applications

  • Prepare publications

  • Maintain Records for Historical purposes

  • Keeps minutes of Commissioner's meetings

  • Follows all current and past legislation on government records as far as the retention and disposition schedules for records

  • Keeps listing of vital Statistics

As shown the County Clerk's office has a great variety of functions. Generally, if an issue does not fall into the category of any other office it will come to the County Clerk. Therefore, the County Clerk endeavors to stay updated on any new and ever-changing statutes of law. Meade County employees pride themselves on their teamwork and excellent communication between offices. If the county clerk cannot answer your questions or help you with your request, she will direct you to someone who can.