See to Learn

Eye Doctor Exam Letters and Close up of eyeSEE TO LEARN® is an innovative, three-step preventive health program designed to ensure that kindergarten children entering school can see to learn and to educate parents and teachers about the warning signs of vision problems in all school-age children.

  1.  Alerting parents and educators about the signs of vision problems in children of any age.
  2. A FREE vision assessment for your three-year-old by a participating Eye Care Council optometrist.  This is designed to detect vision conditions that require correction at an early age.
  3. A professional vision examination by an optometrist or ophthalmologist is paid for by you, the parent, before or during your child's first year of school.

If you need a referral for either a vision assessment for your three-year-old or an examination for your kindergarten student, call the Eye Care Council at 1-800-960-EYES

Warning Signs of a Vision Problem

The Eye Care Council and The SEE TO LEARN® Program encourage parents and educators to be alert for signs that may indicate vision performance problems. Some signs of potential problems are listed below:

  • Frequent rubbing or blinking of the eyes
  • Short attention span or daydreaming
  • Poor reading
  • Avoiding close work
  • Frequent headaches
  • A drop in scholastic or sports performance
  • Covering one eye
  • Tilting the head (when reading)
  • Squinting one of both eyes
  • Placing head close to book or desk when reading or writing
  • Difficulty remembering, identifying, and reproducing basic geometric forms
  • Poor eye-hand coordination skills