Past Success

Housing Initiative

Rural housing is an issue that effects everyone in many different ways. From a reduced tax base, to fewer children in school, to less employee housing, housing is an issue. Years ago, Meade County Economic Development constructed two duplexes (4 total apartments) in each of Meade, Plains, and Fowler. Recently, Meade County Economic Development has begun new housing initiatives to address many blighted properties and to help increase home ownership. Stay tuned!

Splash Pads

Meade County Economic Development partnered with local recreation districts to help build splash pads in the City Parks at Meade and Fowler. We are currently helping Plains to get their splash pad built as well.


When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many businesses were struggling to stay afloat. Meade County Economic Development successfully lobbied the Meade County Commissioners to allocate $150,000 for local business grants. As a result, 28 businesses were funded to help them continue working. Further, Meade County Economic Development ensure local businesses were made aware of State programs to help bring even more grant dollars into Meade County. As a result, Meade County likely received the highest per capita grant amounts in the State of Kansas (after considering the Small Business Working Capital Grant; Securing Local Foods Grant; and Connectivity Emergency Response Grant).

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